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northern lights hot tubBefore you buy a hot tub, you must be well informed. On the internet you will find a vast amount of models, types en qualities. Are you looking mostly for a natural wellness experience or do you want lots of gadgets?

The original cedar hot tubs from Northern Lights® can be customized entirely according to your requirements. The focus is always : create a wellness-surrounding in which you can relax, in which you can enjoy genuine serenity, both mentally and physically. You will then see that you use your hot tub frequently. The warm water is beneficial – the ancient Greeks already used hydrotherapy to treat mental stress and physical pains.

Natural materials are essential for a completely restful experience. The cedar of which all Northern Lights hot tubs are manufactured is such a natural material with -in addition- numerous positives properties. Moreover, Red Cedar is not an endangered wood species. That means that your comfort and your respect for the environment go hand in hand.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you need help configuring your hot tub.

hot tub or swimming pool

Hot tub or swimming pool?

When it comes to deciding between a hot tub and a swimming pool, there are several factors to consider. Let’s look at some key features of hot tubs that can help you make the right choice.   Relaxation Hot tubs are designed for relaxation and offer a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own…

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northern lights hot tub built-in

The Right Hot Tub Deck

Choosing the kind of hot tub deck you need is as much about personal preferences as about practical considerations. There are many ways you can go, and the only real limit is the available space, your budget, and your imagination. Here are some tips when it comes down to choosing the right hot tub deck.…

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northern lights hot tubs

Comparing Prices for the Best Values

For most hot tub buyers, comparing prices is the most important way of figuring out which tub is best for them. Surprisingly, hot tub prices vary quite a lot, even for models that seem to be virtually identical. It helps to know what affects pricing when comparing hot tubs in order to find one that…

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hot tubs history

History of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs (or spas) have been used for longer than most people think. Romans had large public baths for hundreds of years, most of which were heated. Citizens from all walks of life enjoyed a good soak, and in those days, it was really more of a gathering place for meeting up and doing business.…

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Finding the best hot tub

Finding the best Hot Tub

If you’re in the market for the best hot tub you can find, and there’s no lack of choice, that’s for sure! Hot tubs come in many different sizes – from small and cozy to accommodate a couple, to large ‘party’ styles that can easily handle seven or more adults. They also come with a…

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Northern Lights Hot Tubs Girl

The benefits of a wooden hot tub

There are two basic styles of portable, above-ground hot tubs – wood and acrylic (plastic). Both styles have advantages but in some ways wooden hot tubs come out top in head-to-head comparisons. Ultimately, it comes down to each user’s personal preference, but here are some of the benefits of choosing a wooden spa. Cost In…

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tips when buying a round hot tub

Tips when buying a round hot tub

If you’ve never owned a hot tub before, shopping for one for the first time can be a bit bewildering. Many shoppers are amazed by the sheer number of spas and all the various configurations that are available. A portable round hot tub is often a good choice for first-time owners. They are among the…

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how to build a hot tob foundation

How to build a hot tub foundation

For intrepid do-it-yourselfers, building a hot tub for your own personal use is fun. But, where many builders go wrong is with the foundations that the hot tub will eventually rest on. That is really the entire key to a tub that will last years and years.   The first thing to remember is that,…

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Northern Lights Hot Tubs Girl

Hot Tub Spa

What is a hot tub spa? Most people think of a hot tub as a traditional barrel-style wooden tub that originated during the early 70s on the West Coast of the USA. Spas, on the other hand, are derived from plastic polymer materials or fiberglass.   The ‘hot tub spa’ is a modern hybrid of…

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northern lights hot tub project 35404 result

Is an in-ground hot tub your best bet?

Deciding to install in-ground hot tub is not a minor choice. Once it’s done, you’re more or less stuck with where it is, unless you’re willing to pay a pretty hefty fee later on to have it dug up and moved. Having said that, getting an in-ground spa is appropriate for some people. Ultimately, several…

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What is a hottube ?

What is a hottube? Most people consider a hottube as a traditional wooden barrel style tub that originated in the early 70’s from the West Coast. Spas on the other hand are derived from plastic polymer materials or fiber glass.   The ‘hottube spa’ is a modern Hybrid of the two different styles. The hottube…

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hot tub parts

Hot tub parts

As any experienced hot tub owner will attest, accessories make a big difference. Sure, soaking in warm, bubbling water is the ultimate goal, but you want some amenities as well, right? Here are some of the more popular hot tub accessories you might want to put on this year’s wish list. Comfort If you spend…

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hot tub products you need

The Hot Tub Products You Need

Did you know Northern Lights offers CHEMICAL FREE SANITIZATION ? Check out how you can keep your hot tub or spa clean and fresh without using harsh chemicals! One of the most important parts of owning a hot tub is keeping the necessary chemical treatments in stock, for both regular maintenance and the occasional shock…

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hot tubs weight loss

Hot Tubs (Aqua Aerobics)

You might have heard a lot about what hot tubs can do for you when it comes to your health. Hot tubs are great ways to get the toxins out of your body, and they are also great ways to explore natural medicine. However, did you know that they can also help you lose weight?…

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Northern Lights hot tub at the Aman Le Melezin Hotel

Choosing Hot Tub Steps

A lot of hot tubs require steps to get in and out comfortably. These accessories are sold separately by many spa dealers, and you have lots of choices. Many tub owners opt for steps that match the trim on their new spas, but that’s by no means required. You have complete freedom to choose any…

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How To Pick a Hot Tub Heater

After you’ve owned and used a hot tub for several years, you may want (or have) to get a replacement hot tub heater. Today’s modern spas generally come with either electric or gas heaters, and most buyers make their preference when picking out the model they wish to purchase. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you won’t…

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relieve aches

Hot tubs, how they relieve aches

Hot tubs, how they relieve aches Everyone knows the wonderful feeling of stepping into a hot tub and feeling their muscles relax. What you might not know about is the sort of pain relief a hot tub can provide. As long as it is used correctly, a hot tub is very good at relieving all…

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hot tub filter

Choose the right hot tub filter

Your hot tub’s filter system is a vital part of the tub and its efficient operation. Beyond cleaning it regularly to keep both it and the water clean, at some point you will want to replace the filter with a new one. You can usually buy a new one from the same place where you…

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wooden bath tubs

Wooden bath tubs

Are you looking for wooden bath tubs for your rustic home or cabin? A wooden tub is a great addition to your home if you’re looking for something unique and interesting for your home. You can buy a wooden bath tub that not only functions as a bath tub but that can be used as…

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Hot tub kit

Is a hot tub kit right for you?

If you’re a ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of person and you’re looking into getting a hot tub, you might want to try building one from a kit. It’s a good way to get your hands dirty and feel that you’ve accomplished something without having to build your hot tub completely from scratch. Several companies that sell wooden…

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indoor hot tub vs. outdoor hot tub

Indoor hot tub vs. outdoor hot tub

Among the many decisions you have to make when choosing a hot tub is whether to place it indoors or outdoors. A lot of would-be hot tub owners think this is a pretty easy decision and purely one of personal preference. However, it’s easy to overlook considerations that could impact heavily on your choice about…

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Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

A hot tub is definitely a complex electronic and technical product that must, of course, be capable of operating without problems for its entire lifetime.   This requires special properties! Similarly, a good sauna must also meet strict quality criteria. The extreme temperature and humidity variations inside the sauna, and the frequently extreme weather conditions…

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northern lights hot tubs

Small or large hot tub?

Choosing a hot tub is a bit like picking a new car. Price is important, but so are practical considerations like how many people will need to fit comfortably inside it. Some folks will need a hot tub that can handle a gaggle of family and friends, while others will need only a small, private…

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