Northern Lights Indoor Sauna & Outdoor Saunas


Faster heat up, lower operation cost

The barrel shape has particular advantages over a square shaped sauna room. The most important aspect is that the total volume is smaller as there are no wasted corner spaces, while still offering a spacious bathing room. This reduces the sauna volume by 23%, while seating the same number of people. Smaller air space means that the sauna will heat up much quicker and cost less to operate.

An important condition for these advantages to take effect is that the barrel diameter is large enough. If the diameter of the sauna barrel is too small the space is simply too cramped to enter or repose comfortably. Diameters less than 210 cm are considered too small for real comfort. Northern Lights barrel saunas are 215 cm in diameter and designed entirely to meet the highest standards in sauna bathing comfort.

Better distribution of heat and vapour 

Another advantage of the round shape of the barrel sauna is the natural air flow. The corners in a square sauna room cause the air to be heated unevenly. But the air in the round shaped barrel sauna flows evenly and symmetrically. Therefore, the heat and vapour are better distributed which enhances the entire sauna experience.

Why Canadian Red cedar ?

Insulating capacity

Canadian Red Cedar  is a great insulating wood. It will allow you to heat up your sauna very quickly, even with extreme freezing outside temperatures. The insulating aspect also means that the benches and walls will never be too hot to touch with the bare body. This greatly enhances the sauna bathing experience. The insulating capacity is in fact so high that snow on the top side of the sauna will not melt even with temperatures inside of 90°C-100°C! 

Hygienic and durable

The natural oils in Red Cedar have a high anti-bacterial capacity. This means that bacteries can not live on Red Cedar which makes it a perfectly suited wood for sauna construction where hygiene is a major concern! The anti-bacterial capacity of Canadian Red Cedar also makes the wood suitable for outdoor construction, even in extreme climate conditions. Obviously, it is the best wood for outdoor sauna & indoor sauna with a lifespan of 20 -25 years easily.      


Where do you deliver to?
We deliver throughout Europe and, depending on your requirements, ensure that everything is dropped off at your house or country cottage.

What does “delivery within three days” mean?
Products that are in stock in our distribution center can be picked up within 3 business days. Delivery will take an extra 5-6 business days.

How much does shipping cost on average?
Shipping costs are determined by the size of the delivery and where it has to go. Our average shipping costs vary from 200 to 350 euro, exclusive of VAT, with an extra 75 to 125 euro if the delivery is done by a truck with a tailboard. Should you prefer to have a pre-assembled hot tub delivered, then that will cost between 600 and 1,000 euro. For accurate delivery costs contact our distributor.


How long does it take to assemble a hot tub? 
Assembling a hot tub takes on average one to two hours. You have to allow one hour for installing the seats. About 2 to 3 hours for installing and connecting the piping and the pump. Make it a weekend project. Don't forget that you need to provide a foundation for your hot tub. Northern Lights® can actually deliver the hot tub pre-assembled so that there is not much work to do on it.