Heating methods



Introducing the Clim8zone™ heat pump. The first of it’s kind, this heat pump combines energy efficiency with heating and cooling technology. A regular pool heat pump is not suitable for hot tubs. This heat pump was designed specifically for use with hot tubs. Unlike other spa heat pumps on the market, the Clim8zone™ heat pump functions at low ambient air temperatures (-20ºC) which makes it suitable to use in colder climates.
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Northern Lights offers electric heating in a complete spa system. The system consists of a pump, a filter and most importantly a control unit with a built-in 3kW heating element. The included control panel is installed conveniently in the hot tub’s side shelving or in the decking.

woodfired heater


Off the grid. No electricity required. Just heat up with wood and enjoy the hot soak. Wherever you are, whenever you want.

heat exchanger and electric


Connect any external hot water source to add heating energy to your hot tub system.