Clim8zone™ heat pump

Save up to 70% on required energy compared with traditional spa heaters
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The Clim8zone™ by Balboa.
The first of it’s kind, the Climazone is a versatile heat pump, combining extreme energy efficiency with both heating and cooling technology.
Output 6kW, input 1.3kW
Saves up to 70% on required energy compared to traditional spa heaters
Silent operation, less than 50dB
Compatible with Northern Lights spa systems (version check required)
Offers both heating and cooling for your hot tub

Balboa Climazone Heat Pump 6KW (1.3KW) for spa or swim spa.

A simple and flexible way to heat or cool your spa or swim spa very energy efficient. The Balboa Clim8zone heat pump can be placed just along the spa. The Clim8zone heatpump has a high energy efficiency (COP) of 5 to 10 times that of a traditional spa heater and can reach up to 15 times under certain operating conditions, using less energy to keep the water warm, resulting in huge savings. This Balboa Clim8zone heat pump operates quietly at less than 50dBA and at low ambient air temperatures from -20°C to 43°C.

This Balboa heat pump is equipped with a variable speed compressor with a smart algorithm and extensive capabilities. Using your central spa control display or via your smartphone you can select how you want to heat or cool your spa. Select easily from either of the following options: heating via the standard electric heater, or heating via the Clim8zone heat pump, or both simultaneously.

Power: 230V 50Herz 1.3KW consumption Amps: Min 2.4 – Max 6.3

Dimensions: Length: 800mm Width: 310mm Height: 540mm

A match made in heaven

The Clim8zone™ heat pump is perfectly compatible with Northern Lights latest systems
northern lights and the clim8zone heat pump

The Clim8zone™ heat pump is designed in such a way that it can be installed both hydraulically and electronically in conjuction with a Northern Lights spa system. For the USA this might not be the case in all states, though. The heat pump is powered directly by the Northern Lights spa system, no additional power line is therefore needed. The Northern Lights spa system’s software will then operate the heat pump fully automatically. Note that an updated Northern Lights control unit and a Spatouch3 control panel are required. The Clim8zone heat pump cannot be retrofitted if the existing spa system does not have the required updated control unit and a suitable Spatouch3 control panel. Contact us for more information if you wish to add the Clim8zone heat pump to your existing Northern Lights hot tub.

Heating and Cooling

The heat pump that offers both heating and cooling


When the temperature drops enjoy the perfect soak in warm water while relishing the soothing effects the water has on your mind and body. The new, eco-friendly Clim8zone™ works seamlessly in conjunction with Northern Lights spa systems, accelerating the heating of your hot tub while drawing up to 70% less energy, resulting in enormous savings.


There’s nothing better on a hot afternoon than a nice cold dip in refreshingly, cool water. Or, maybe you want to promote a greater sense of health and overall well-being. With cold water immersion, according to experts, you can enjoy long-lasting, beneficial changes to your body’s immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems that will enhance the overall quality of your life.

SpaTouch3 control panel

Bigger display. Brighter screen. Bolder performance
clim8zone button

The Clim8zone™ heat pump comes with the SpaTouch3 control panel

The SpaTouch3™ display is 2x brighter than the SpaTouch2™ display.

The SpaTouch3™ incorporates the latest touch technology with capacitive touch.

Water friendly capacitive touch (similar to the iPhone®) that will remain responsive in tough environments.

The SpaTouch3™ provides stunning clarity and a premium true color display.

Features and benefits

Six more reasons why the Clim8zone™ stands out
  • Unlike other spa heat pumps on the market, Clim8zone™ functions at low ambient air temperatures (-20ºC) in colder climates
  • Variable speed compressor with smart algorithm
  • Compatible with the latest Northern Lights spa systems and hydrotherapy
  • Flexible heating options. Choose between only heat pump, only electric element, or both simultaneously
  • Features energy efficiency (COP) of up to 15 times a traditional spa
  • Operates quietly at less than 50dBA

Dimensions and minimum clearances

Follow the minimum clearance requirements to allow free air flow


Mount the heat pump on a flat and horizontal surface like a concrete slab or tiled floor. It is recommended that the heat pump be installed no more than 2m from the spa system. Do not install the Clim8zone indoors. Drill mounting holes in the cement slab or tiled floor and secure the heat pump using expansion wedge anchores. Make sure to place a rubber foot pad under each foot of the heat pump first (included).

clim8zone distances


Follow the minimum clearance requirements shown above during installation and operation of the Clim8zone heat pump. These clearances insure proper air flow and easy access. All air vents must be unobstructed and free of leaves and debris. Air is sucked in through the rectangular air vent and blow out through the round air vent by the heat pump’s fan. Use suitable pvc pipes to connect the heat pump to the spa system.

Interested in the other heating methods for your hot tub? Check out the other heating methods for your Northern Lights hot tub.

The Clim8zone™ heat pump is the most energy efficient and cost effective way to heat or cool the water of your hot tub, leaving you free to enjoy time with family and friends or to use for numerous health and wellness benefits. The new Clim8zone™ offers world-class quiet, accelerated heating or cooling of the water in your hot tub with lower, sustained costs and guaranteed excellence. An experience you won’t find anywhere else.