Models and Sizes

Ofuro Tub

2-person tub, height 75cm, oval or round

Oriental bathing. A Japanese style ofuro tub is a 1 or 2-person wooden bath tub. Elegantly crafted from natural materials it provides total physical relaxation and zen for the mind. Take long, deep soaks to clear your head and unwind. Or use it as chiller tub after a steaming sauna session.

Northern Lights Ofuro Tub

Original Hot Tub

Round hot tub, height 120cm, 4 sizes

Naturally relaxing. Nothing beats bathing outdoors in a beautifully crafted cedar hot tub. After an enduring day you will find true relaxation again in the soothing, warm water of your own, private cedar hot tub. It are these moments of calmness that offer genuine luxury.

Northern Lights Hot Tub

Aqua Gym Tub

Round hot tub, height 150cm, 1 size

Aqua aerobic. The extra depth of this tub makes it ideal for aqua gym exercise. Our specially designed seat arrangement opens up the rest of the hot tub allowing a full range of aqua aerobics. Enjoy the beneficial effects of aqua gym for injury recovery or treating back pains.

Northern Lights Aqua Gym Tub


2 pers

Dims: 175x90cm

Height: 75cm

Volume: 475L

Full weight: 525kg


4 pers

Diam: 144cm

Height: 120cm

Volume: 1333L

Full weight: 1497kg


6 pers

Diam: 166cm

Height: 120cm

Volume: 1806L

Full weight: 1996kg


8 pers

Diam: 188cm

Height: 120cm

Volume: 2378L

Full weight: 2609kg


10 pers

Diam: 214cm

Height: 120cm

Volume: 3124L

Full weight: 3493kg

Ofuro Tub
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