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100% Western Red Cedar

Manufactured from 100% Clear Western Red Cedar. The standard height is 120cm.

Perfect for that ultimate soaking experience only a genuine hot tub can provide !
No cold shoulders and yet more than enough leg space.

Available in 4 sizes: from 4 to 10 persons.

Total control !

The LCD control panel can easily be reached from inside or outside your tub. It provides accurate temperature control, and lets you activate massage jets, switch the interior light and set various filter cycles and operation modes including ECO-mode.

Model 501

Model 601


Connect anywhere

Stainless steel

All metal parts are stainless steel.

Northern Lights Hot tub benches

Benches all around

360° bench configuration with a raised section for safe entry. The exclusive height of the hot tub -120 cm- and large water mass provide a great uplifting effect. This ensures a free and relaxed posture at all times.

Reliable spa system

The Balboa spa system with M7 technology ensures a safe and userfriendly control with maximum comfort.

These systems are truly the best on the market !

The workhorse

The powerful pump meets the highest quality demands and operates with extreme silence.

The bearings are manufactured from a durable polymer alloy.

hydro pump

Powerful hydrotherapy massage jets

The warm water and the powerful and adjustable hydro-air massage jets provide a complete and revitalizing full body massage.

Advanced filtration


    Unprecedented filtration efficiency


    Optimal use of fabric surface

hot tub filter cartridge

Cedar accessories

Add cedar accessories for a beautiful all-cedar look!

Cedar side shelves and skirting


Cedar stairs


Cedar pump enclosure