Northern Lights Cedar Hot Tubs and saunas

" The success of any company is due largely to the individual care offered to its customers.
When buying a hot tub or sauna, the support and after sales service is often overlooked.
At Northern Lights, no matter how large or small the project, we want to ensure ultimate satisfaction."
- Marco Los, Chief Executive Officer -

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The Original Cedar Hot Tub

You're not going to find a better hot tub -for less - anywhere in the world.

Slide into your private sanctuary and melt your stress away with the warmth of natural red cedar.
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Wether it's for hydrotherapy, quality relaxation, or entertaining friends,
your red cedar hot tub will provide total therapy and tranquility.
A stunning, valuable addition to your home!
We're Europe's Leading Supplier of
Cedar Hot Tubs and Cedar Saunas!
Selecting only prime Western Red Cedar from sustainable forests in Canada, our wooden cedar hot tubs and saunas are constructed using ancient barrel making techniques in order to craft perfect watertight vessels.
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Get divine inspiration!
Because of our meticulous attention to detail, our natural wooden cedar hot tubs and saunas can be found in some of the most prestigious homes, spas and resorts around the world.

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Love Letters

» I can’t praise your company highly enough! Marco always promptly gets back to any questions that I may have. Overall great service!!! …..Thank you. :o) «
-Kevin Owen, Switzerland


» It is over 10 years now that we have our hot tub and it is in excellent shape. We are everyday users! The hot tub is a wonderplace to wake up with a cup of coffee in the morning, we enjoy it to relax in before going to sleep and also with friends we have a lot of fun drinking and chatting together. We look forward to enjoy it for many more years to come. It is really one of the best investments we ever made! «
-Alex Dokman, The Netherlands


» Your customer service is second to none! «
- Ian Cowley, Germany

» I am really happy with the quality of the product and the responsiveness and kindness of the sale and support people. This is my third cedar tub, the first from this company, and it is the best. «
-Roberto Bisiani, Italy 


» We are very happy with our hot tub which we recently installed ourselves. Any question was answered quickly and very friendly by Marco! Great service! «
-Sofie Goethals, Belgium


» We are very happy with our choice and the whole family loves the tub. Thanks very much and best regards from Austria. «
- R.Hirschl, Austria

» We lover our tub! For many years we wanted to have a hot tub in our garden. About one year ago I decided to go for it. Marco gave excellent advice. The tub was easy to install and it is a high quality product. «
-Peter Schubert, Germany


» We are very pleased with this purchase. I have found no difficulties for assembly of our tub. We started using our tub in the summer and we are eager to try it in winter. Thank you very much! «
- Joao Rosa, Portugal


» Tout simplement splendide! La beauté rencontre la sérénité et le service est de qualité. «
-Sophie Van Hoeck, France

Want to save by assembling yourself?
Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions will become your favorite weekend project.
Northern Lights Hot Tubs assembly
Northern Lights Hot Tubs assembly
Northern Lights Hot Tubs assembly
No special skills or tools are needed to put together our kits. In fact, assembling your own hot tub or sauna from natural cedar is a rewarding and enjoyable experience!
Answers to questions you may have

Are you really Europe's #1 seller of cedar hot tubs?

We sure are! That’s because we sell the best cedar hot tubs at the best prices. We also know what we’re doing. We’re a 20-year-old family-owned business and have delighted customers with our personalized service all across Europe, Africa and Asia for two decades.

Why cedar?
A lot of people with stunning homes don’t want a big hunk of plastic in their backyard. Cedar is stunning, aromatic, antimicrobial, and adds value to your home, not to mention a naturally soothing experience. It’s all we sell.

Do you also sell cedar saunas?
Yes we do. It’s a cedar barrel design with a split bench inside. We have two models for six people and eight people.

Where does your cedar come from?
We source our Western Red Cedar from sustainable forests in British Columbia, Canada.

What kind of maintenance does a hot tub made out of Red Cedar require?

Very little. The unique, antibacterial oils contained in Red Cedar provides natural cleaning. Simply rinse your hot tub with a garden hose.

Are your cedar hot tubs big barrels?

Correct. Our hot tubs and saunas are based on the “Art of Barrel Making”. The barrels are built using ancient skills developed by coopers to create perfect vessels from wood, fixed with stainless steel straps. Today, while our production methods have been modernised, we still employ techniques and joints that have been honed over centuries to bind the staves (the long wooden planks on a barrel) and achieve a perfect watertight fit.

Are cedar hot tubs deeper than plastic?

Yes. In a cedar hot tub, you can relax neck deep in soothing, swirling hot water. You are also not stuck with uncomfortable pre-molded plastic seats. Many people like to move around inside their tub.

What is an Ofuro tub?

It is a Japanese style tub for one or two people that provides total physical relaxation. Many peolpe prefer the style and like to take long, deep soaks to clear their head and unwind.

Can I save money and assemble the hot tub myself?

Yes. Many of our customers prefer to purchase our hot tub kits. There are no special skills or tools required. In most cases, it can be done in a weekend.

Will you assemble the hot tub for me?

Sure. We can either deliver your hot tub pre-assembled, or send our crew to come and do the installation on site.

Do you deliver anywhere in Europe?

Pretty much. In fact, we deliver to just about anywhere in the world.

How do I get a quote in minutes?

Either call us at 32 3 248 76 11 or click here for our Configurator and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Can I also get parts from you?

You bet. You’ll find the link to our Parts Store here.

Let us help you customize your new cedar hot tub.
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Northern Lights hot tub configuration Northern Lights hot tub configuration Northern Lights hot tub configuration
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Want to learn more about the natural beauty and warmth of hand-crafted cedar hot tubs?
We can’t wait to hear about your beautiful home and how we can help increase its value with our stunning cedar hot tubs.
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