A hot tub is made up of different parts that must fit together perfectly. Make sure you are well informed about all these parts, to make sure you can enjoy all-year-round use of your hot tub.

The three most important parts of a hot tub are:


  1. the tub
  2. the heating system
  3. the filter

The tub – the part of your hot tub to cherish 

Given that you will come into direct contact with this part of your hot tub, it’s very important you make the right choice. Does it have a natural or a synthetic look? Does it offer superior comfort or it is not very deep? Can you move things around or are the seats firmly fixed? The most important aspect is the height of your tub. Remember, more height means more comfort!

The heating system – the most important part of your hot tub

The heating element is one of the most important parts of your hot tub. Whether you opt for a wood heater, electrical or gas heating, or a hybrid system, the system you select needs to provide problem-free Outdoor Wellness Comfort for many years. We supply a list of the different heating models.

Hot tub with electrical heating

It’s absolutely clear that electrically-heated hot tubs offer a responsible use of energy with maximum comfort. The electrical systems in our Northern Lights® hot tubs are fitted with various pre-programmed operating modes. Consequently, you can save money by only heating as much as you need. At the same time, you can set an absolutely precise temperature using the LCD-Display . This means that you always know the precise temperature of the water in your hot tub!

Electrically heated hot tubs by Northern Lights® are fitted with mechanical flow meters which have electronic sensors to measure the flow of water. They ensure that the Northern Lights® electrical heating systems are both extremely reliable and very long-lived.

Wood-fired hot tubs, wood heaters

A wood-fired hot tub is easy to use, and economical too, since wood is a natural resource. No electricity is needed, which means that wood-fired hot tubs are ideal for holiday homes, or if you are going make a hobby of your hot tub and have fun getting it ready. The preparatory process involves changing the water, and then heating it. If you have a well or a water butt, you can simply fill your hot tub up with ground or rain water. The time that it takes to heat the water depends mainly on how efficient your heater is.

There are various wood heater models for heating your tub. Basically, they can be sorted into two groups: interior and exterior heaters.

Interior wood-fired heater

A wood-fired interior hot tub heater is mounted directly inside the hot tub, so that the heat is conveyed directly to the water. The time taken to heat it depends on the size of the transfer surface. If the heater comes with an extra channel, the heating process speeds up. If you intend to integrate your hot tub in a deck, then a wood-fired internal heater is ideal.

Wood-fired exterior heater

A wood-fired exterior hot tub heater is fitted to the exterior, so it does not take up room inside the tub. The fuel is inserted through the side and lit. After usage, the ashes can easily be removed. The heating time can speed up considerably if you opt for a more efficient heater. Water is heated by passing it through thermosyphon pipes or a circulation pump..

Heating hot tubs with gas

With regard to larger models, or models that are intended for commercial use, it is worth considering using gas to heat your hot tub. Gas is an economical source of energy that can heat water rapidly. Our Northern Lights® hybrid gas-with-electricity system combines rapid heating with precise temperature controls and is also user-friendly.

The sun, or any other renewable source of energy can be used as a supplementary source of heat. Your hot tub can’t be heated using just solar energy. The central heating systems in our homes are constantly evolving, and feature a whole range of different heat sources, among which the sun. Northern Lights® supplies additional features to allow you to add an external heat source to your hot tub. This means you can make optimal use of all your green energy options, while enjoying maximum bathing comfort.

Filtration, the filter

hot tub filterStrictly speaking, you don’t actually need a filter system to run a hot tub, BUT there are lots of advantages to having one. A filter system allows the water in your hot tub to be used for much longer. Cartridge filters have the advantage over sand filters. That’s because cartridge filters are better adapted to filtering hot water. Northern Lights® Hot Tubs supplies filter systems with practical, pre-programmed filter cycles. A further advantage of using a filter with your tub is that you can combine it with other features, for instance, floor heating, a UV or ozone lamp, or an ionization system. In this area, too, Northern Lights® Hot Tubs offers many interesting options. If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch; we are here to help.