As any experienced hot tub owner will attest, accessories make a big difference. Sure, soaking in warm, bubbling water is the ultimate goal, but you want some amenities as well, right? Here are some of the more popular hot tub accessories you might want to put on this year's wish list.



If you spend more than a few minutes a time in your hot tub, you probably get a sore neck from leaning against the edge of your tub lining. Try a hot tub pillow! These ingenious accessories are usually made from vinyl-coated foam padding. Look for pillows that have suction cups to hold them firmly in place while being totally portable. You can enjoy a soak anywhere you want in your tub and still be comfortable.


Like to enjoy an adult beverage while soaking in your hot tub? A great accessory for any type of tub is a side bar. You can get one that matches the contours of your tub, whatever its shape, and achieves a snug fit. Now, when you want a sip of wine or water or just a towel to dab your face, it'll be within handreach.


Keeping your hot tub clean is essential, of course. You can try an oil absorber to help keep the tub clean.   These nifty accessories are inexpensive and easy to use. They remove body oils, suntan lotion residue, and other unpleasant substances that soon make your hot tub water dirty.


Side storage steps are a terrific idea in hot tub accessories. They provide easy access to stand-alone tubs, while doing double duty as handy storage bins for things like towels, chemical treatments, and tanning lotions.


Maintaining your hot tub is the dreary side of owning one. It's absolutely necessary, but it can be a pain, especially the draining and refilling tasks. Fortunately, you can get a battery-powered or electric pump to handle this bothersome chore for you. The days of using a bucket to remove those last few gallons will be long gone. A worthwhile and inexpensive purchase!