Thanks to modern manufacturing processes like Computer Aided Milling and CAD we have improved on traditional cooperage techniques for manufacturing our barrel saunas. That's why we can offer the best barrel saunas that can be easily assembled by anyone who owns a regular tool kit. All the staves are milled with total precision for a perfect fit and seal.


The unique round design improves the circulation of heat, so that it is distributed much better than in the traditional square sauna room. The heat up time is extremely fast due to the 23% reduction in space without loss of sauna comfort. The 4cm thick cedar walls offer superior insulation. In the winter you will see snow on top while the temperature can be between 80-90°C !

Our barrel saunas are designed for comfort, so we stick to the large barrel diameter of 215cm for ample head room, the largest on the market. Inside sizes range from 195cm to 225cm with benches on either side, on two levels, to ensure that everyone is comfortable and children can join you in the sauna. The sauna offers room for 6 to 8 people, depending on the model.

  • Class A clear Western Red Cedar -no knots !- is the best choice for an outdoor sauna construction
  • 3-4 stainless steel straps for a robust barrel
  • Sauna door also made from Western Red Cedar fully insulated with double glazing
  • Design with 2 joint types, canoe joints to make the staves seal perfectly and T & G joints for the front and back walls
  • Choose between a classic finnish, full option steam sauna electric heaters, or a wood fired heater
  • Detailed and clear assembly guides for easy installation. If you have a regular tool kit you can put your sauna together yourself !