What is a hot tub spa? Most people think of a hot tub as a traditional barrel-style wooden tub that originated during the early 70s on the West Coast of the USA. Spas, on the other hand, are derived from plastic polymer materials or fiberglass.


The ‘hot tub spa' is a modern hybrid of the two different styles. Traditionally, the hot tub is round and significantly deeper than a plastic spa. The extra depth allows for a more buoyant experience without having to recline in horizontal seats to submerge the body. This has always been considered a primary advantage of the hot tub. The environmentally friendly wooden design is popular with customers who are trying to reduce their carbon footprints!

Spas, on the other hand, tend to be fitted with a variety of jets for hydro therapy message. These spas may have a number of large motors to power the water through the jet systems. and tend to have a higher energy consumption. They are generally designed as squares and are limited with regard to depth. Spas are almost always made from plastic; unfortunately, this material has a significant impact on the environment both when it is manufactured and when it is discarded. 

The minimalist approach to hot tubs is favored by those who like a quieter deep soak. TV and fridge options were never part of the Hot Tub movement. While hot tubs do come with jets, these are usually limited in numbers.

This combination has recently emerged, driven by a market that wants the best of both worlds. The hot tub spa can be a round plastic tub with the deep properties of a hot tub, or it can be found in the modern wooden hot tub which features amenities that are typically found in spas.

Northern Lights Cedar Hot Tubs is a world leader in manufacturing quality hot tub spas made from the finest western red cedar. These tubs have all the modern amenities of spas including high powered therapy jets with modern digitally controlled heater systems and state of the art sanitizers, including ozone and mineral ionizers.

The architectonically pleasing design of a wooden hot tub spa has become increasingly popular, especially for back yards and outdoor settings. The natural wood blends with the lush natural setting of a back yard or deck. Its low maintenance design is popular with spa owners.

Hot Tub Spas are growing in popularity internationally as they capture a market segment that was not won over by the advent of plastic spas. The Europeans' appreciation of hand-crafted wooden products leads the way but North American sales are also gaining momentum. For more information on hot tub spas visit Northern Lights Cedar Tubs.