Parts for your Sauna.

  • Kota Wood
    Kota Wood

    Kota Woodfired

    Capacity : upto 14m3

    Dimensions : H68xW42xD47cm

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    € 610.00
  • Professional Wood Oil
    Professional Wood Oil

    Professional Wood Oil, Transparant - 2L

    This professional wood oil is formulated especially for extra protection of your cedar hot tub or sauna.

    It penetrates deep into the wood, without causing blisters.

    Provides anti-fungi protection.

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    € 59.00
  • Sauna Timer
    Sauna Timer

    Sauna Timer

    Sauna hourglass with minute intervals.

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    € 30.00
  • Thermo-hygrometer


    Thermo-Hygrometer, 2-in-1.

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    € 39.00
  • Wooden Bucket
    Wooden Bucket

    Wooden sauna bucket

    Wooden sauna bucket with ladle.

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    € 70.00