Barrel Sauna

Sauna outdoors. Step outside and enjoy the benefits of your beautifully crafted Red Cedar sauna. How to unwind better after a busy day? Simply slow down your pace, sweat it out and let tension fade. Feel the naturally fresh air on your skin between sessions. It's your exclusive sanctuary.

Functional shape. The round shape is not just a design feature. It also provides a fast heat-up time and an optimal heat-vapor distribution. The extreme insulation value of Red Cedar maintains the temperature easily. So efficiently, in fact, that snow on top will not melt!   

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  • Highest Quality.
    Highest Quality.

    Northern Lights® is the world's leading supplier of cedar saunas. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality cedar saunas available, using only top grade materials.

    More about our Quality Standards.

  • 100% Western Red Cedar.
    100% Western Red Cedar.

    We select Clear Red Cedar right from the source. Its superb durability and its insulating value have made cedar the best and only choice for sauna construction.
    More about our Choice of Wood.

  • Ecological.

    Wood surpasses other building materials in almost every sustainability parameter. Life cycle assessments show Western Red Cedar is the best environmental choice.
    More about the Environment.

  • Easy Assembly.
    Easy Assembly.

    No special skills or tools are needed to assemble our kits. In fact, assembling your own hot tub or sauna from quality components is a rewarding and enjoyable project!
    View our Step-To-Step Assembly.

  • 20 Years of Excellence.
    20 Years of Excellence.

    You will be happy to know that we have over 20 years of manufacturing experience. That valuable experience is brought forward in our stringent quality programs to ensure only the best for our customers. 

  • Service and Support
    Service and Support

    When buying a hot tub or sauna, the support and service provided is often overlooked. The success of our company is due largely to the individual care we offer to all our customers, before, during and after the purchase.

Models and sizes

Technical fact sheet.

 6 pers.8 pers. 
Sauna volume 6,5 m3 7,5 m3  
Exterior dimensions (LxH) 215x215cm 245x215cm  
Interior Height 205 cm  
Door dimensions (HxW) 198x65 cm  
Bench Length 195cm 225cm  
Bench Width 60cm  
Heater option Classic, Combi-steam or Wood-fired  
Heat up time 20min 25min  

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Precise control. Combining sleek design with reliable functionality. Use dry or wet. Quick and pleasant heat and precise temperature control.

Steam bath. Combi is the heater that lets you enjoy dry, wet and steam saunas and has a built-in fragrance dispenser for aromatic essences.

Authentic wellness. A stylish yet powerful wood-fired sauna heater. Feel the natural heat, see the hypnotizing flames and hear the crackling fire. 

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  • Craftsmanship.
  • Craftsmanship.

    All our saunas are manufactured by our skilled craftsmen with many years of experience and knowledge of precision wood construction.

  • Fast Heat Up.
  • Fast Heat Up.

    The round shape of our outdoor sauna ensures a fast heat up time. The reason is that there are no corners where the heat gets trapped. That means a volume reduction of 23% and a very efficient use of heating energy. 

  • King Size Diameter.
  • King Size Diameter.

    Our saunas are designed for your comfort. That is why the diameter of our outdoor sauna is over 210 cm.

  • Bi-level benches.
  • Bi-level benches.

    As in any genuine sauna, our outdoor saunas have bi-level benches to ensure different temperatures at both benches for true comfort.   

  • Smart Design.
  • Smart Design.

    Our smart stave design and laser guided milling ensures a waterproof barrel without the need of additional roofing.

  • Install anywhere.
  • Install anywhere.

    All parts fit through a regular door way enabling you to install your sauna just about anywhere.

    Wether in an enclosed backyard, on a roof terrace, on a moutain top, or other hard to reach place,... you will not need a crane!

  • Premium Materials.
  • Premium Materials.

    Only the best materials are used in manufacturing your sauna such as clear Red Cedar, stainless steel fixings, high performance technical units and components.

  • Insulated Door.
  • Insulated Door.

    The double glazed and cedar door provide optimal insulation as well as a view outwards.