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The Hot Tub Products You Need

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One of the most important parts of owning a hot tub is keeping the necessary chemical treatments in stock, for both regular maintenance and the occasional shock treatment when things get ugly. There are a lot of options and you may find over time that you develop personal preferences for brands and types. Here’s a list of the essential chemicals you’ll need for any type of hot tub or spa.

Starter Kits

Most hot tubs come with a basic starter kit of chemical treatments when you purchase the tub. The kit will usually include the following: chlorine or bromine (tablets or granules), pH balancer, and an anti-foam agent. These chemicals will provide the basic ingredients needed for routine maintenance of the water in your hot tub. However, there is more involved for keeping the tub and all its systems running correctly.

Shock Treatments

Even the most diligent hot tub owners will occasionally get off the regular cleaning schedule. This can lead to a high build-up of organic materials in your tub’s water. When this happens, a chemical shock treatment can quickly get things back to normal. It’s a good idea to keep at least two treatments in stock, in case you discover that it’s needed at a time when the local spa or pool outlet is closed.


Water Quality

For exceptional water in your hot tub, you should apply a sparkling agent and an anti-scaling chemical treatment. The sparkle product will give your water an ultra-clear look and make it reflect the sun and other lights. Anti-scalant helps combat the effects of hard water calcium deposits and other by-products. The accumulation of such material can make cleaning the lining of your tub extremely difficult, so adding this chemical will keep you ahead of the game.

Remember to clean your filter cartridge on a regular schedule as well. It’s pointless to spend the time to maintain your hot tub’s water with all those chemicals just to see it get dirty a lot faster because of the gunk being released from a filthy filter.

Planning your hot tub project

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