About Northern Lights hot tubs

Unique Western red cedar wood tubs

Northern Lights Hot Tubs & Saunas started as a small family business in the 1980’s. From the early days on the the focus lay on manufacturing the highest quality wooden hot tubs and saunas.

Selecting only prime Western Red Cedar directly from sustainable sources in Canada, as well as applying careful craftsmanship have always been the foundation of our vision. Our credos are : design and engineer for customer comfort, combined with innovation. We take pride in our striving for respect for mother nature and our meticulous engineering efforts to ensure the highest possible comfort while being environmentally conscious.

Each hot tub and sauna is carefully checked on quality before it is shipped out. This dedication has brought many customers all over the world to appreciate our service and find our products truely unique.

Qualified and trusted hot tub craftsmanship

Growing demand for quality wooden hot tubs and saunas has seen the realisation of numerous projects, enforcing our position as the global leader in the industry. Our products can be found on each continent and with a wide variaty of customers, private clients as well as professional customers such as winter and summer vacation resorts, hotels and wellness centers and even royalties have been loyal customers for years.

The internet has enabled us to develop in new markets. Faster and better ways of communication resulted in shorter delivery times and optimal materials inventory.

The future looks bright, more and more people all over the world are looking for a valuable passtime and a genuine care for their body and mind. Our values will never fade and our craftsmanship that started it all remains a guarantee to more and more customers every year.

Sustainable and perfectly watertight wooden tubs

There are hot tubs and hot tubs… Often, it takes just a glance to spot the ones that are good quality. More often, though, it takes a few months of using them before you can tell. With a cedar tub from Northern Lights®, you will enjoy years of top-quality use.

Our hot tubs and saunas are based on the “Art of Barrel Making”. The barrels are built using ancient skills developed by coopers to create perfect vessels from wood, fixed with stainless steel straps.

Nowadays, our production methods have been thoroughly modernised, but we still employ techniques and joints that have been honed over centuries. So we create perfect joints to bind the staves (the long wooden planks on a barrel) to achieve a perfect watertight fit.

Unique combination of traditional and modern techniques in hot tub production

Laser-guided milling machines ensure perfect wooden joints. In addition to the traditional canoe joints, we apply modern technology to ensure a precision fit between the horizontal staves and the ends, all the way round.

Our state of the art laser guided milling operates by strict tolerances and guarantees 100% accuracy. This unique combination of traditional and modern production methods means we can guarantee unsurpassed watertight joints.

We have implemented a strict Quality Inspection Program resulting in a finished product that meets both our and our customers’ high expectations. This attention to quality is why our hot tubs and saunas can be found in some of the most prestigious Spas & Resorts around the world.

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