Choose your hot tub size and model

If you’re looking to bring the ultimate relaxation experience to your garden, buying a classic cedar hottub is a great decision.

However, choosing the right size hot tub and model is crucial. The size of a hot tub impacts various factors such as the space it requires, cost, shape, seating capacity, energy efficiency, and other expenses.

It’s important to find a hot tub size that fits your family’s needs while also fitting comfortably in your outdoor space and budget. 

Standard hot tub dimensions

Have a look at our different hot tub sizes available and their features,
so that you can make an informed decision and choose the perfect hot tub spa for your home.


Recommended  for up to 2 pers
L175 x W90cm
Height: 76cm
Volume: 570L
Full weight: 635kg


Recommended for up to 4 pers
Diam: 144cm
Height: 120cm
Volume: 1543L
Full weight: 1497kg


Recommended for up to 3 pers
Diam: 166cm
Height: 90cm
Volume: 1277L
Full weight: 1441kg


Recommended for up to 6 pers
Diam: 166cm
Height: 120cm
Volume: 1860L
Full weight: 2054kg


Recommended for up to 5 pers
Diam: 188cm
Height: 90cm
Volume: 1652L
Full weight: 1846kg


Recommended for up to 8 pers
Diam: 188cm
Height: 120cm
Volume: 2417L
Full weight: 2611kg


Recommended for up to 10 pers
Diam: 214cm
Height: 120cm
Volume: 3165L
Full weight: 3405kg

Outdoor hottubs are naturally relaxing

Nothing beats bathing outdoors in a beautifully crafted cedar hot tub. After an enduring day you will find true relaxation again in the soothing, warm water of your own, private cedar hot tub. It are these moments of calmness that offer genuine luxury.

Classic cedar hot tubs designed for comfort

Be amazed by the level of comfort of your Northern Lights® hot tub. Offering total control, either on the spot or remotely. We have combined the best traditional materials with modern spa technologies to provide you with endless outdoor bathing pleasure.

Ofuro, the oval Japanese hot tub

The Ofuro bathing practice differs from European and North American bathtubs, where Ofuro bathtubs are ‘Zen’ like – providing a sensual pleasure, and a feeling of well-being and harmony with the natural surroundings like a garden or spiritual landscape. Japanese style bathtubs help to restore mental and spiritual well-being by providing a private relaxation space, and they promote good health by stimulating circulation. The Ofuro Tub is deeper than a classic bath tub, in order to provide a deep chin-down soak.

  • Built to fit up to 2 people
  • Several heater options available
  • Suitable as stand-alone or integrated into a deck

“My hot tub has changed my life! I sleep better, I recover faster after my exercises, it relaxes me physically and mentally,
and the evening hot soaks with friends bring out the best conversations.”

Ready to create your own hot tub?