Chemical free hottub sanitization

Natural hot tub sanitizing system

At Northern Lights we too are concerned about the environment and the effects we are having on it.

That’s why we offer sanitization systems that are 100% halogen free , that means no Chlorine or Bromine.

Using 2 of nature’s most powerful cleaning mechanisms, we can guarantee the cleanest water available and yet absolute safety on even the most sensitive skin and on the environment !

And our systems are extremely easy to operate !

How to keep your hot tub water clean and crystal clear?



Ozone is a natural purifier, 1000 times more powerful than chlorine when it comes to oxidizing (i.e. neutralizing) body oils and bacteries, that can rapidly develop in warm water.
Ozone (O3) exists of 3 oxigen atoms. In aqueous environments (read ‘in your hot tub’) the 3rd oxigen atom reacts with impurities in the water, thus eliminating them in the oxidation process, leaving only pure oxigen (O2) as by-product.
Ozone is used also in public pools, breweries and water purification plants.



Ionization is a natural process in which atoms of natural minerals are electrically charged which makes them loose or gain electrodes. This is entirely safe and environmentally friendly because no harmful materials are used or generated. The ionised water is safe, clean and free of chemical odours. An ionisation system is also ideal for people with a sensitive skin type who want to stay away from desinfecting chemicals like bromine or chlorine.



The combination of ozone and ionisation is de easiest and most efficient way to keep the water in your hot tub safe and pure. And, on top of that, the system requires hardly any maintenance. With the ozone and ionisation systems that Northern Lights supplies, bacteria and algae have no chance in your hot tub. You can easily be a month from home without having to worry about the quality of the water. It has no chemical odour either, and when changing the water you can re-use it to spray the garden.


Ionisation system for spas and hot tubs

Unlike other systems, Northern Lights offers an ionisation system with three metals: silver, copper and zinc.
Add the extremely easy installation and the minimal maintenance, and you get an ionisation system that can be considered with the top of what is available in the market.

So, what do these metallic ions do in the ionisation process?

Silver (Ag) ions kill over 650 types of bacteria such as legionella pneumophila, streptococcus, E-coli, salmonella…

Copper (Cu) ions prevent algae growth. Copper is recognized as one of the best algaecides known to man, yet safe for humans.

Zink (Zn) ions stimulate healing of the skin and prevent stains and rings on the hot tub basin.

The most safe and ecological way to sanitize your hottub!

The system is completely safe for humans, animals and plants.