Cedar hot tub assembly and installation

No special skills or tools are needed to install our kits! In fact assembling your own high-quality hot tub is a rewarding and enjoyable project.

Follow our instruction videos and manuals

As a customer you will have access to our instruction videos and manuals. And to our expert Tim!

As a senior installer Tim knows everything there is to know about hot tubs. He has installed our hot tubs literaly all over the world for bespoke projects. It was Tim who put together the videos and manuals that you will get access to as a customer.

On top of that, in case you have any question whatsoever during your own hot tub project, feel free to call or email Tim! He will happily take the time to help you personally. In fact, he is the kind of guy that drops whatever he is doing to offer help. That is, except when he is having a hot soak, himself!  

In that case someone else of our team will be available to answer all your questions, pronto!
Phone : +32(0)3 248 76 11
Mon-Sat during office hours GMT+1 (regular rates to Belgium apply)
Email : support@northernlightshottubs.com

What does it take to assemble a hot tub?


Screwdriver, electric drill, 3mm wood drill bit, rubber mallet, 2 adjustable wrenches, saw or utility knife.


Just 2 people can do the trick!


1 weekend is all it takes!


Create foundation, electrical hook up by an approved electrician.

Easy do-it-yourself assembly for outdoors and indoors

All parts fit through a doorway
All parts are easy to carry
Install outdoors
Install indoors

How to install a hot tub in 8 steps

1. Prepare the foundation.
2. Position the floor.
3. Install the staves. The holes are pre-drilled.
4. Place the stainless steel straps.
5. Install the benches.
6. Install the plumbing.
7. Install the cedar accessories.
8. Fill with water and enjoy!

Build your own high quality hottub to relax and enjoy

1. Preparing the foundation.
2. Floor in place.
3. Installing the staves.
4. Installing the benches.
5. Installing the plumbing.
6. Connect the pre-assembled technical unit.
7. Fill with water & enjoy!

“My hot tub has changed my life! I sleep better, I recover faster after my exercises, it relaxes me physically and mentally,
and the evening hot soaks with friends bring out the best conversations.”

Ready to create your own hot tub?