Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my hot tub ?

The whole year round ! Unlike a swimming pool, a hot tub can be enjoyed in any season and with any weather type. During the colder, rainy autumn days, you will truly experience the relaxing effect of the warm, massaging water all the more. And during long summer nights it’s simply wonderful to stay in your tub for hours and stare at the stars after a long day at work.

What is the main difference between synthetic and cedar wooden hot tubs?

The total experience! Our hot tubs are much deeper and therefore they offer a free and relaxed posture . This is impossible in shallow plastic spas. The aromatic scent of cedar wood in combination with the warm, relaxing water ensure a naturally soothing experience.

Is a wooden hot tub less healthy than a plastic spa ?

No ! In 1993 the Food Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin (USA) performed a comparative test. The basic assumption was that wood would absorb dirt and thus would form a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria. Seven types of wood and four types of plastic were tested for E-Coli, Listeria and Salmonella. Surprisingly enough, the bacteria were neutralized within three minutes after coming into contact with the wood. On the plastic surfaces however, the bacteria simply thrived on.

What kind of maintenance does a hot tub require?

A Red Cedar hot tub requires little maintenance. The unique, antibacterial oils contained in Red Cedar in itself provides natural cleaning. Simply rinse the hot tub with a garden hose and brush with a wet cloth. Do not use high pressure cleaning or abrasives. If you choose a filter system, the water can be used much longer. An additional ozonator and ionizer system make sure you can use the water months in a row!

Is your cedar sustainably sourced?

Yes it is! We take sustainability very seriously and therefore offer only products made from renewable sources, as opposed to synthetic hot tubs which are produced from oil derivatives. We buy our material straight from sawmills with a sustainability label. The cedar we use is certified by the ‘Sustainable Forestry Initiative’ (SFI) and has been since 2001. The sawmills are periodically screened by KPMG for compliancy. SFI is an international seal of quality that is awarded to forests which meet the strictest standards of renewability and sustainability.

How long does it take to assemble a hot tub?

Most customers make it a weekend job, assembling the hot tub on day A, finishing on day B and start using it right away! We have developed our kits so that anyone owning a regular toolbox can do the assembly. There are no special skills or tools required. In fact, building your own hot tub with our quality components is a fun and rewarding project!

Can you do the assembly for me?

Of course we can! In case you prefer to have the assembly done for you we can either deliver your hot tub pre-assembled, or send our crew to come and do the installation on site. Contact us if you want to know more about our worldwide installation services.

What type of wiring do I need for my hot tub?

Our hot tubs don’t have huge motors so the amperage is more suited to existing panels. A direct wired 16 amp 30mA GFI (ground fault interrupted) breaker circuit is required. A 30mA  2.5mm2 conductor wire is required. Consult an electrician to verify this is within your local codes.

Do you offer a chemical free sanitization system?

Yes, we do! This is a very common question given the natural properties of our tubs. First, we offer ozone sanitization. Ozone leaves nothing but pure oxygen when consumed. It is 1000 times stronger than chlorine in oxidizing, and yet it is 100% natural. Secondly, we offer a mineral ionizer, this uses natural minerals such as copper, silver, and zinc to kill bacteria and algae. This system kills over 650 species of bacteria and eliminates algae! Combining both the ozone system and the ionizing system provides the best possible sanitization possible for your hot tub without chlorine or bromine. Products to balance the pH will still be needed, but these are not referred to as ‘chemical’ because they can be found in nature, albeit not in powder form obviously. This is in contrast to chlorine, or bromine, which are synthetically formulated.

What does 'priority delivery' mean?

This means we get your order ready for you, pronto!

How much does shipping cost on average?

In general shipping costs are included in the hot tub price. However, shipping costs vary by the size of the delivery and where it has to go and if you need a truck with a discharging tail lift. In case shipping costs should apply, we will send you a clear quote in advance.