Design the perfect hottub for your outdoor space

Northern Lights hot tubs integrate perfectly with any garden or deck. Let's create!

There are many ways to integrate your hot tub in your garden, deck, patio, rooftop or balcony. Here are the some of the most popular setups.

SETUP 1 : Completely built-in hottub

Integrate your hot tub completely in a deck.


SETUP 2 : Semi built-in hottub

Sink your hot tub half way into a deck.

SETUP 3 : Standalone hottub

Place your hot tub on a deck or patio.

Let our team design your custom hot tub!

There are endless hot tub design possibilities. Take a look at our gallery for more inspiration.
Let us know in case you need a different design. Our team will help you design a custom plan that fits your requirements.
Or get a Custom Project Design and let us do the heavy lifting.