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Integrating a hot tub half into deck

Installing a hot tub half into a deck always makes for fantastic results.

Constructing a hot tub half into a deck is a common way to integrate a hot tub in a garden. Easily step in or out of your hot tub from the deck. Moreover this configuration lets you use part of your deck as relaxation area. The technical unit of the hot tub can be hidden conveniently below the decking. A hatch allows for easy access to the filter.

Possible extra space can be used for storing tools or garden furniture, etc,…

Hot Tub semi built in a deck

If you are planning to install a hot tub half into a deck and the deck is not yet constructed then it is recommended to work in the order as described below. Installing a hot tub into an existing deck is also possbile of course. In that case the best location for installing your hot tub will depend on the existing structure.


Step 1

Prepare the foundation where you want to place the hot tub, eg with tiles or concrete. it is recommended to make the foundation large enough to place both the hot tub with technical unit, and the decking posts afterwards.

Step 2

For an electrically operated hot tub, prepare the electric power cable. Filling the ho ttub with water is easily done over the rim with a garden hose so no special plumbing needs to be done. Draining the hot tub can also be done with the use of a garden hose.


Step 3

Install the hot tub and start using it as soon as possible. that allows you to start planning how the deck around it can be constructed for maximum comfort. install the skirting after step 4.

Step 4

Construct the deck around your hot tub. make sure to leave about 5-8mm space between the hot tub and the deck boards

Step 5

Install the skirting around the hot tub to hide the jets and hoses.

Much used wood species for constructing a deck are Ipé, Padouk, Merbau or Afromosia. For European alternatives check for Accoya or Thermowood. It is good to know that the Red Cedar used for manufacturing hot tubs and saunas is a non-endangered species too. It’s beautiful colour matches every deck material, wether it is wood, stone or another material.

Start early and order your hot tub before you begin the preparations. In that way your hot tub can be delivered when you have finished the preparations and you will not have to wait.

Contact us in case you have any doubts or questions.

Tip : It is not necessary to place your hot tub in a sunny spot. More imortant is to place it shielded from wind.

Enjoy !

Planning your hot tub project

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