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Tips when buying a round hot tub

If you’ve never owned a hot tub before, shopping for one for the first time can be a bit bewildering. Many shoppers are amazed by the sheer number of spas and all the various configurations that are available. A portable round hot tub is often a good choice for first-time owners. They are among the least expensive and simplest to set up and use. Here are some answers to the sort of questions that may occur to you during the process of choosing the best round spa you can find.


A hot tub is a major purchase. They’re built to last many years, but problems can and will crop up from time to time, even with the best-made products there are. Be sure to ask each dealer for a detailed explanation of the warranties offered on various hot tubs. There is a rather surprising range of possibilities. Longer and more thorough guarantees often tell you which manufacturers are making superior hot tubs.


Many people who are new to hot tubs fail to grasp the fact that their new spa will weigh a lot when filled with water and people. The larger round hot tubs may approach 5,000 lbs when full. This is very important to know before you make a purchase, so you can pick a spot on your property (or in your house) for the installation. It may even require laying special foundations as an extra expense.

Electrical Outlets

Most hot tub motors cannot be run on standard household electrical outlets (110 volts). The vast majority requires a beefier 220 volt outlet, which will have to be installed if not already present. Be sure to inquire about this as you check out various hot tub models.

Operating Costs

Modern round hot tubs are good at running efficiently, with minimal heat loss. However, it’s a good idea to ask the local pool and spa professionals what you can expect to pay in additional operating costs. A lot of local dealers will know the ballpark energy costs, based on feedback from other customers and/or their own hot tub use in your area. Ask also about the regular monthly costs (apart from energy) for keeping the hot tub clean and well maintained.

Planning your hot tub project

Need help getting started with planning your dream hot tub project? Start with configurating some hot tub here to decide what works best for you.  Tip: Hit ‘Request shipping quote’ on the configuration page for best pricing including delivery.


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